TILDA: A comprehensive Family of Silicone Pacing Leads 

TILDA: A comprehensive Family of Silicone Pacing Leads 

Lead Your Patients to Intelligent Therapy

TILDA pacing leads’ performance and durability combined with Sorin Group’s intelligent algorithms, offer you the treatment of choice for your patients.

• 3 lengths: 45, 53 and 60cm
– TILDA R: 45, 53 and 60cm
– TILDA JT: 45 and 53cm
– TILDA T: 53 and 60cm
• Iridium fractal coating
• Steroid reservoir 0.75mg dexamethasone acetate
• 6.6F silicone lead body, fits through a 7F introducer

FAMILIAR Lead Handling for an Implant Made Easy

Choice of material, fixation mechanism, body and tip flexibility…all aspects of TILDA leads are carefully designed to give you the instant sensation of familiarity at implant

Engineered for excellent X-ray visibility and threshold mapping capabilities

FLEXIBLE Body and Tip for Optimal Lead Positioning

The TILDA R, flexible from the lead connector to the distal tip,
is designed to:

• deliver predictable outcomes
• facilitate your choice of lead positioning
• enable easy maneuverability of the lead

FRACTAL Coating Technology for Effective Electrical Performance
The iridium fractal coating, result of a unique iridium vapor deposition process, increases the active surface by a factor of more than 1,0002,3

This coating technology provides the advantage of:4,5
•  outstanding sensing
•  low acute and chronic thresholds
•  high impedance for prolonged battery life



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