Steroid retractable screw-in leads




  • Stelix introduces a significant innovation to lead technology :a torque protection system which protects the lead integrity during advancement of the screw. If the resistance becomes higher than the torque threshold while screwing into the endocardium, the screw is no longer driven forward by rotation of the lead body.
  • This unique feature avoids bending or breaking of the screw helix.
  • Stelix screw size, 1.5 mm, has been found to ensure a stable fixation and reduce the risk of perforation.1,2

Reliable Technology in your Hands

Medical grade silicone insulation: guarantees long term reliability.
An electrode combining vitreous carbon with steroid.
An internal steroid collar eliminates peaks in threshold. This new concept ensures a proper elution of the steroid at the site of fixation.






The internal steroid collar reduces the threshold by 50% at 1 month.3

BS45 : fixed screw lead STELA (Not available in US)
BS45D : steroid fixed screw lead STELID (Not available in US) BR45D : steroid retractable screw-in lead STELIX








Lower programmed amplitudes

Threshold at 30 days: 98% of pacing thresholds at 1 month are lower than 1.25 V. Therefore, an output of 2.5 V can readily programmed.3

The biocompatibility of carbon limits the development of fibrosis.4

Intended uses, warnings and precautions

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