99.9%1 intrinsic conduction

Intelligent Management of AV Conduction

  • Ensures DDD pacing when needed for ALL types of AV block
  • Provides AAI pacing while continuously monitoring AV conduction
  • Switches back to AAI mode when possible

Manages all AV Block : AAI --> DDD

  • AVB I : 6 long PR intervals --> DDD

  • AVB II : 3 blocked atrial events within the last 12 cycles -->DDD

  • AVB III : 2 consecutive blocked atrial events -->DDD


  • After 12 consecutive spontaneous ventricular events (R waves)
  • Automatically every 100 paced ventricular cycles (if native AV conduction is not resumed the device switches again in DDD mode using one of the criteria listed above)

Manages Rest and Exercise

  • AVB I criteria can be suppressed at rest
  • Rapid switch to DDD during exercise if required

Manages Day and Night

  • Reduces nocturnal pacing by allowing long PR
  • Tests for AV conduction each morning if in DDD

Intended uses, warnings and precautions

1. “99.9% intrinsic AV conduction in 28/35 (80%) of patients of non-selected DDD patients” Anselme et al. First clinical results of AAIsafeR2, a new mode to prevent ventricular pacing. Heart Rhythm 2006; 2, supp 5; p4-99 (abs).


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