"It's no wonder Sorin sold number 1000, the S5 is so much fun to use it has breathed new life in my career after 33 years.
I can't wait to sit behind the S5. I only hope nobody else in my group figures that out! I have actually taken extra call to get to do cases with the S5. It's a great device! I love it!" 

Vince Young Mercy Health Partners Knoxville, TN

A quantum leap in perfusion technology

The world's leading perfusion system.

Our fifth-generation modular heart-lung machine has effectively leapfrogged
the competition...setting new standards for functionality, flexibility and quality.  

For the perfusionist who demands intelligent, functional ergonomics and reliable safety systems, the S5™ delivers its refined modular design permits the quick
and easy exchanging of individual components in even the most challenging of environments. And because upgrades can be implemented at any time,
your system will remain state-of-the-art for many years to come.

From a small, compact HLM equipped with three roller pumps to a full-featured system with seven roller pumps and the full range of control and monitoring functions, the S5 can be configured to your individual requirements and budget considerations.

The culmination of more than 30 years of experience in extracorporeal perfusion system design and manufacturing, S5™ delivers much greater flexibility for the operator, and a more sophisticated feature set than anything else in existence.

Designed for many years of demanding performance, the advanced design allows for:

  • Better integration with the perfusion circuit
  • More configuration options to accommodate a greater assortment of procedures (including pediatric)
  • Unprecedented safety features

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Covered by multiple US and foreign patents  

Heater/Cooler 3T