Paradym™ VR

Paradym™ VR

ICD model 8250
32.8 cc

Individualized Therapy. Imagine That.
No two patients are alike, that’s why Sorin algorithms automatically adjust to each individual patient – allowing you to easily provide tailored therapy with limited programming.

ATP Based on Stability Check
Painless treatment of fast VT
 No delay to shock for VF
 No unnecessary charges
 Arrhythmia therapy based on rate AND stability

VT Long Cycle Search
 AF with fast and stable conduction is characterized by recurrent 'long cycles'
 VT long cycle search increases AF specificity1 in the slow VT zone

Thin, Powerful and Long-lasting
 11mm thin
 One of the highest shock energies on the market (42J stored / 37J delivered)
 Increased longevity : 10,1 years2
 Designed for predictable performance

1. R. Mletzko et al., Enhanced specifi city of a dual chamber ICD arrhythmia detection algorithm by rate stability criteriaPACE 2004; 27; 1113-1119.
2. Pacing in VVI mode 1%, 500 Ohm, 3.5 V, 0.35 ms, 60 min-1, one 42 J shock per quarter, sensors OFF


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