The Sorin Group programmer

Intuitive, user-friendly software
An essential follow-up tool

Orchestra was designed in close collaboration with cardiologists and is intended specifically for clinical practice. It is a compact system featuring an intuitive environment and superior comfort during its use.

User Friendly Intuitive Software

Following automatic recognition and overall interrogation of the device, direct access is given to all essential follow-up information. The parameter screen includes an overview of the patient’s condition and device status. The user interface has an intuitive color code to guide the clinician through device interrogation and programming.

Software intuitiveness and user-friendliness are based on Sorin Group's unique "One Touch - One Screen" concept, which ensures convenient, direct access to information, with all data related to a given follow-up session appearing on a single screen.

The key to the "One Touch - One Screen" feature is its menu bar, which provides easy navigation throughout the follow-up session. For example, a standard patient follow-up session is completed in 3 steps. In the parameters screen, the SafeR mode, can be selected.

Menu bar

The new programming software also features easy archiving and retrieval of patient data through an integrated database.

Easy to use

The Orchestra programmer is dedicated to clinical practice. Orchestra offers superior working comfort through its intelligent ergonomic design.

The wide, ultra bright touch screen facilitates and optimizes the retrieval of information. Equipped with a fully integrated keyboard, Orchestra allows a rapid and convenient data entry. It also includes a built-in storage compartment for easy transport and immediate access to all accessories.


Intended uses, warnings and precautions

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