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Intuitive, user-friendly software
An essential follow-up tool  SMARTVIEW™


Enhanced Follow-up with the NEW user interface featured in SmartView
Designed with new screen dynamics based on suggestions from clinicians to simplify and improve follow-ups. SmartView provides simple and intuitive programming of SafeR, BTO, and PARAD+ algorithms.

Technical specifications
SmartView interface functions

  • Overview: an all-encompassing view of battery longevity, leads and pacemaker settings, tachytherapies and statistics
  • Assistant: a step-by-step assistant to test and perform a complete follow-up
  • Patients: for patient and implant data
  • AIDA+: a powerful tool to analyze episodes with EGMs, histograms and alert messages
  • Brady: to program bradycardia parameters, including SafeR
  • Tachy: to program detection and therapy (ATP and shocks), detection criteria (including PARAD+) and Brady Tachy Overlap (BTO)
  • EPS: for electrophysiologic testing, arrhythmia induction and cardioversion
  • Report: selection of the final print-out configuration, including external printer format

With a single keystroke, the user launches the Follow-up Assistant's sequence of steps.

The user interface provides direct access to arrhythmia episodes information by type, treatment and date. Analysis of the rhythm and device response is immediately available, with all information presented on a single screen.


  • Markers synchronized with atrial and ventricular EGM show the rhythm at the onset of the arrhythmia and upon resumption of slow rhythm, enabling a rapid visual analysis.
  • The list of events shows the defibrillator's "view" specifying the type of rhythm detected and the treatment applied.

Fully configurable, the report can be customized to fulfill all the needs of a practicing physician. Depending on the requirements, it can include initial programming parameters, statistics and episodes, test results, parameter changes, and any abnormalities detected. For convenience and speed, the report is printed automatically in real time - no intervention is needed.

Easy to use

The Orchestra programmer is dedicated to clinical practice. Furthermore, Orchestra offers superior working comfort through its intelligent ergonomic design.

The large, ultra bright touch screen facilitates and optimizes the retrieval of information. Equipped with a fully integrated keyboard, Orchestra allows a rapid and convenient data entry. It also includes a built-in storage compartment for easy transport and immediate access to all accessories.


Intended uses, warnings and precautions


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