Arterial Filters

Sorin offers a complete line of adult and pediatric arterial filters that offer easy priming and debubbling with superior air handling and filtration efficiency.

Exceptionally easy to use, these filters can be secured without any locking mechanism, and one holder fits all models. Priming volume has been minimized, as has foreign surface exposure. All filters are available with biomimetic phosphorylcholine Ph.i.s.i.o coating to improve platelet preservation, lower coagulation activation and reduce post-op blood loss.

KiDS D130 Neonatal Arterial Filter
The only arterial filter designed specifically for neonates, the Sorin D130 is the smallest arterial filter in clinical use. With just 16 ml of priming volume (the lowest available on the market), the D130 utilizes purge lines on both sides of the filter to make priming fast and easy. In the event of massive air in the arterial line, priming is made easier by priming both sides of the filter screen.

KiDS D131 Arterial Filter
Requiring just 28 ml of priming volume, the Sorin D131 arterial filter is optimized for pediatric patients. When combined with the D101 oxygenator, total priming volume is just 115 ml. With purge lines located on both sides of the filter, priming is fast and easy. The ability to achieve faster priming is also an added safety feature in the event of massive air in the arterial filter.

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Micro Filters
Newly rerated! Sorin Group now offers a line of arterial filters in both 27 and 40 micron sizes that can be run at 6 and 8 liters per minute.

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