Indications - Orchestra™

Intended uses, warnings and precautions

When designing and manufacturing devices, Sorin CRM takes the influence of environmental factors into account in order to minimize the risks of deterioration during normal use.

However, certain precautions should be taken in order to ensure that the programmer operates optimally. In fact, electronic devices are sensitive to a number of environmental factors that can alter their operation, such as:

  • An impact or rough handling, damaging the outside of the device. This type of handling may have an effect on the proper operation of the programmer. Even if the device seems to be operating well after impact, damage that is not immediately detectable may subsequently be revealed.
  • Spilling liquid on the device.
  • When designing and manufacturing the device, every precaution is taken to minimize the risks of infiltration.

However, any liquid penetration would alter its operation.

  • Electrostatic discharge. Be sure to eliminate any static charge from your body before touching the device when you are in an environment at risk for electrostatic discharge (carpeted floors, etc.). In order to do so, touch a hot water heater, a water line, gas line, etc. or, if none is available, a large metal object (operating table, etc.).
  • Prolonged storage at high humidity may damage the programmer.
  • Grounding reliability can only be achieved when the equipment is connected to an equivalent receptacle marked "hospital only" or "hospital grade"
  • Several other environmental factors may have an effect on the proper operation of the device in a hospital environment.

Note: if you suspect that there has been any damage to your programmer, contact your Sorin CRM representative.

Warning: Careful study of pulse generator manual and programmer manuals should be completed before device programming. Failure to do so may result in erroneous or inadvertent programming, improper use of follow-up tools and telemetry functions, or inappropriate pulse generator parameter selection.