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The innovations developed by Sorin's Cardiopulmonary Business Unit have had a significant impact on the way cardiopulmonary bypass procedures are performed throughout the world.

Over the past six decades, Sorin has influenced nearly all of these procedures from the equipment that performs the function of the heart and lungs, to blood management systems, to a full range of accessories that enhances the exceptional results achieved by surgical teams.

Sorin's Cardiopulmonary Products and Services have achieved a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability unmatched by any other manufacturer. Furthermore, you can expect great things from Sorin's Cardiopulmonary Business Unit in the years to come. We will continue to invest heavily in research and development, focusing our new products on improving patient outcomes, enhancing user convenience and contributing to the financial health of the more than 5,000 hospitals around the globe.

Facts and Figures
Today, Sorin's Cardiopulmonary Products and Services can be found in the vast majority of the world’s leading hospitals in more than 80 countries. In fact, more than 2 out of 3 cardiac surgeons use Sorin's Cardiopulmonary Products! This is not surprising considering that over the past six decades, Sorin has been responsible for many of the innovations that have made cardiopulmonary bypass surgery among the safest and most effective heart procedures performed today.
Other Key Facts:  

  • World’s best selling heart-lung machine 
  • Worldwide leader in oxygenator sales
  • Several of the lowest-prime devices on the market with the lowest foreign surface exposure
  • Innovative use of biocompatible coatings
  • Sponsorship of education and resources for clinicians 

No other manufacturer can match the focused commitment, nor the investment in innovation, made by Sorin Group

History of Industry Firsts and Innovations
2010  Launched ergonomically evolved perfusion system (C5)
2009  Acquired endoscopic vessel harvesting system (ClearGlide)
2009  First inline blood monitoring system (B-Care5)
2007  First oxygenator specifically designed for neonates (KiDS D100)
2006  First ice-less heater cooler (3T)
2005  Introduced adult oxygenator with low prime volume (PrimO2x)
2002  Launched flexible autotransfusion system (Electa Essential)
2002  First integrated centrifugal pump (SCP)
2002  First oxygenator with integrated arterial filter (Synthesis)
2000  Introduced Data Management System (DMS)
1996  Third generation heart lung system introduced (SIII)
1998  First dual chamber adult oxygenator (Avant)
1994  Second generation autologous transfusion system (BRAT 2)
1993  First newborn oxygenator (Lilliput)
1990  First modular adult flat sheet membrane oxygenator (Duo)
1985  First integrated closed infant & pediatric membrane lung system (Masterflo)
1983  First integrated, open-system membrane oxygenator (CML)
1980  First bubble oxygenator (Hiflex)
1973  First modular heart-lung machine
1964  First pre-assembled custom tubing sets for cardiopulmonary bypass

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